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About Manda University

Manda University is a world-renowned accredited Christian university, highly respected and recognized worldwide. As a global institution, we bring the best of Christian and secular education to our students. It is the goal of the faculty to assist the students in establishing a firm foundation on the Word of God. Our vision for our students is one of success.
At MU, we strive in providing students with the finest education and training to bring out their God-given skills and talents. Our students will impact the globe in whichever career they desire.

Whether you are called to be a government official, a minister, a teacher, or any career that is ideal for you, we are prepared to equip you with the knowledge and power to succeed.

Founded in 2021, Manda University’s advanced approach to distance education qualifies students to attain a degree in a wide variety of Christian and secular programs. Our programs will enable students to accomplish their goals in their desired career path. We are recognized around the globe as a university that is grounded on academic excellence. The staff and faculty of MU consists of outstanding professors and mentors who are prepared to empower students academically and spiritually.
Manda offers a wide variety of highly respected degrees.

We encourage you to become a part of this prestigious institution and join us in impacting the world for Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God

We believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God. We believe in His deity as 100% God, and that He was also born of a virgin as 100% man. We believe in His atoning death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and His future second coming.

The Trinity

We believe in the fullness of the Godhead, consisting of God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that they are three-in-one, co-equal, co-existent, and co-eternal.

The Holy Spirit

We believe in the existence, work, and gifts of the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Holy Spirit interacts with people in the infinite capacity of helper and comforter. We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. The Holy Spirit produces fruits and gifts within the life of every believer submitted to Christ.

The Holy Bible, the Living Word of God

We believe that the Holy Scriptures are the only authoritative rule and practice for the Christian faith. We believe that it is God-breathed and was given through plenary verbal inspiration. We believe that it is the complete Word of God given to instruct, correct, govern, encourage, and set free.

The Gift of Salvation

We believe that mankind is born with a sin nature, and that it is the atoning work of Christ on the cross that has redeemed us from slavery of sin. We believe that “anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved,” upon believing and receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The Church, the Body of Christ

We believe that the Church consists of all those who believe in and have received Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. We believe that it is necessary for believers to assemble together in corporate worship and fellowship in order to be edified.

Tithes and Offerings (For Chapel)

We believe that we are caretakers of all that God has given us, which ultimately originates from and belongs to Him. We believe that giving is a Biblical mandate, and it is an act of obedience to the principles of giving found within the Holy Scriptures.


We are commanded to proclaim the Gospel to a lost and dying world. Jesus Christ Himself commissioned us to evangelize and witness the Good News of the Gospel to all.

Water Baptism

We believe that water baptism is an ordinance of the Church, as commanded by the Scriptures. We believe that this is done by complete immersion in water as an act of obedience to God. We believe that this act is a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Divine Healing

We believe in the healing work and gift of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the laying on of hands in prayer and the anointing of oil.

Praise, Worship, and Prayer

We believe that praising and worshiping the Lord consists not only of singing and lifting hands, but also of serving Him and living a sanctified life before Him. We believe that prayer is our lifeline to God, and that it is crucial to developing a personal relationship with Him. We believe that worship and prayer is vital to the daily needs of every believer.

A Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ

The children of God have immediate and complete accessibility to the throne of God for His help, guidance, protection, and provision for every aspect of their lives. We believe that it is crucial for every believer to have their own personal, unique relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Supporting Israel

We believe in the promises regarding Israel as a nation and the Jewish people. We believe that we are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We are mandated by the Scriptures to bless, comfort, support, and defend Israel and its people.

book-bible-close-up-on-a-beautiful-terrace-backgr Manda University

Manda University's

Theological Seminary

Our theological seminary was founded to equip leaders to evangelize the world and win souls for Jesus Christ. These leaders will be unapologetically passionate and zealous for the truth of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.
We are raising up leaders whom we have skillfully equipped with Biblical truths and a deep understanding of the knowledge of God’s word and who have developed a deep, abiding relationship with their Father God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Equity & Inclusion

At Manda University, we consider Biblical-based equity, diversity, and inclusion to be of utmost importance.
We take a stand against any discrimination that violates Biblical standards. We are committed to serving all of our students, staff, and faculty, which includes promoting impartiality.

Manda University strives towards exceeding excellence in upholding the following objectives:

  • Upholding Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act.
  • Promoting Biblical-based inclusion and respect.
  • Providing training for students, staff, and faculty on up-to-date equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts.
  • Ensuring the safety and compliance of our students, staff, and faculty.

Here at Manda, we take pride in our Biblical stands towards every human being. We welcome students from all religious backgrounds and denominations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at:

Why Choose Us?

Why Manda University Is Right For You

Where Education honors God
Any good university can provide an adequate education that will give the student an accumulation of facts that can lead to a successful career. Manda University is one of few institutions of higher learning that will instill a sense of spiritual maturity that will enable each student to challenge each opportunity of learning to the praise and honor of God the Father.
Where Wisdom reigns above Knowledge
Manda University places high esteem on academic knowledge but we place the very highest esteem on wisdom. Knowledge is vital to creating a professional or ministerial vocation, but without wisdom, knowledge is useless because without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, there is no real foundation upon which a student can build a life.
Where Integrity is a Lifestyle
In today’s world, we see success story after success story end in failure. Why? Because a person’s success cannot rise above the level of their integrity. That is why we place such strong emphasis on keeping the students focused on the truth of the Word of God and to remember that their lives are literally books written for all to see.
Where Career Opportunities are Global
Because Manda University has students from countries around the globe, we are able to offer students ministry and career connections that will create opportunities to travel and employment in many areas of the world. Forming close bonds with faculty and students from other countries, with other perspectives, from other religions, will give students a broader understanding of why the Lord came to seek and save the lost.
Where Spirit meets World
A solid Biblical background prepares students to meet the many challenges that lie ahead no matter where in the world their careers take them. Learning to remain focused on the Lord Jesus Christ builds the character and strength needed to face social, corporate, professional and ministry issues that arise on a daily basis.
Right for You
If your goal is to obtain a powerful education, while remaining committed to building a powerful relationship with the Lord, then Manda University is the right place for you. Your faculty, leadership, and students share the same goal: first Christ, then success.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is Manda University accredited?

Yes, we are accredited by the Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa and The Alliance of Theological Schools, which is accepted worldwide.

2Where do I go to attend Manda University?

Presently, Manda University is an online university.

3What is the workload?

If you are a full-time student, Manda University expects that you take three to four courses per semester. However, if you are also working a job, we recommend taking one course per semester, but it is entirely up to you and what you feel that you can accomplish. A semester is ten weeks.

Please be advised that the cost of tuition and/or any fees will not be returned to you if you fail or drop out of any of the courses. The courses are vigorous. They are designed to meet the hours and regulations required by the accreditation body.


On Sundays, students are required to attend chapel. Each Sunday service is 1.5hrs. An assignment based upon the Sunday sermon is required every week. Chapel services are held via Zoom. Zoom services will be posted on the Manda University website during your ten-week semesters.

4How long will it take for to complete my degree?
  1. It varies depending upon the choice of degree program and the amount of courses taken per semester.

If you are a full-time student, Manda University expects that you take three to four courses per semester. However, if you are also working a job, we recommend taking one course per semester, but it is entirely up to you and what you feel that you can accomplish. Each course is ten weeks.

Please be advised that the cost of tuition and/or any fees will not be returned to you if you fail or drop out of any of the courses. The courses are vigorous. They are designed to meet the hours and regulations required by the accreditation body.

5Are books included?

No. You are required to purchase the books as eBooks or hard copy. It is your choice. The eBook is for your convenience. If you have Amazon Kindle, then some of these books might be free on Amazon.

6What courses will I be taking?

Your syllabus and courses will be online and given to you after you are accepted into the program.

7What is required for me to begin classes?
  • Complete and submit the required application and registration forms.
  • Pay the nonrefundable application/registration fee and any other tuition/fee requirements.
  • Submit all required academic records from your high school or previous colleges. 
  • Participate in a meeting with the office of Academic Affairs.
  • Purchase the required books.
8Are there scholarships available?

There is financial aid if you qualify, and there are scholarships available with strict guidelines and certified documents.

9How old do I have to be to attend Manda University?

To register and attend university, you must be 18 or older.


High School Dual Enrollment is available for 10th, 11th, and 12th Graders with the approval of their high schools, and the laws that apply in the student’s state.

10What language are the classes in?

We only offer classes in English.

11What happens if I want to stop taking courses?

You can drop a course at any time. Those who drop a course or opt to cease their studies do not receive any refunds.

12What happens if I begin a course but cannot finish it?

If it is due to a serious illness, accompanied by a certified doctor’s note, we will partially refund the cost of the current course credits that you are presently enrolled in.

13What happens if I find myself in the wrong degree for my career path?

You can meet with the Office of Admissions and the Office of Student Affairs and discuss pursuing a different degree program. At Manda University, we govern with integrity and godly character. Our desire is that you fulfill your calling and destiny according to the talents and abilities that you possess. We will work with you to achieve your goals.

14How does graduation work?

Depending on the number of students and where they are located, we may hold an on-site graduation or a virtual graduation. The graduating students are expected to dress in the full required attire for graduation. Even during a virtual ceremony, we will dress and act as if we were present on-site.

15Where can I purchase Manda University clothing and other accessories?

Presently, we do not yet have clothing and other accessories available to purchase. However, expect merchandise to be offered in the future. We will share on our website and social media platforms when they will become available.