Manda University

Corporate leadership

Creating effective leaders who will practice strong, ethical, creative, and innovative methods while creating productive, developmental, and positive environments.

The Mission of the Department of Corporate Leadership

To equip students with the necessary tools to change global outcomes.

Manda University’s Department of Corporate Leadership offers programs that will prepare students to transform the workplace into a successful business environment. We are creating great visionaries that will impact society, their communities, and their workplaces.

You will be taught business ethics and moral values that will distinguish you from the rest of your generation. You will be taught the importance of integrity, character, and honor. It is crucial to learn and understand how to work as a team and that each individual has value – that is key to excellent and effective outcomes. Respecting others and their ideas is crucial to a healthy and productive work environment.

Our Department of Corporate Leadership also trains and instructs students in global governmental affairs. We strive to raise leaders who will elevate and empower their positions to global status, understanding that they have the power to be positive world-changers.

Whether you are striving to be an office manager, an entrepreneur, a president of a company, or a president of a country, Manda University will equip you with the necessary tools and skills to succeed.

Bachelor of Corporate Leadership

This degree program prepares the student for leadership positions within community-centric organizations, non-governmental agencies, a variety of for-profit and nonprofit organizations. The program combines practical managerial skills and theories with solid standards.
The first 21 courses may also apply towards an Associate’s degree.

The Bachelor’s degree requires 120 credits and includes classes on:

The Bachelor of Science degree requires 120 credits and includes, but is not limited to, classes on:

1. Introduction to Business
2. Survey of Leadership
3. Classic Literature
4. English
5. Communications & Influence
6. Business Mathematics
7. Organization Dynamics
8. Special Types of Leadership
9. Principles of Management
10. Introduction to Psychology and Counseling
11. Innovation Leadership
12. Systems Thinking
13. Sociology
14. Christian Ethics
15. Strategic Planning
16. Counseling
17. Physical Science
18. Political Science
19. World Civilization
20. Introduction to Probability and Statistics
21. Project
22. Biblical Leadership
23. Management of Staff and Volunteers
24. Calculus
25. Critical Thinking
26. General Biology
27. Biochemistry
28. Leading Teams
29. Music History
30. Introduction to Christian Theology
31. Independent Study
32. Physics I
33. Managerial Decision Making
34. Cross-Cultural Leadership
35. Accounting & Introduction to Economics
36. Cultural Anthropology
37. Physics II
38. Entrepreneurship
39. Advanced Independent Study
40. Thesis, Project, & Presentation

Master of Corporate Leadership

This advanced degree program prepares the student for organizational leadership and management roles within marketplace, community, non-governmental, for-profit, and non-profit environments.

The Master’s degree requires 45 credits and includes classes on:

The Master’s degree requires 45 credits and includes, but is not limited to, classes on:

1. Old Testament & New Testament Survey
2. Global Studies I
3. Global Leadership
4. Cosmogony & Anthropology
5. Leadership Development
6. Understanding Culture
7. Managing Change and Conflict
8. Global Studies II
9. International and Intercultural Relations
10. Advanced Ethics
11. Advanced Political Theory
12. Marketing Management
13. Marketing Philosophy
14. Master’s Thesis, Practicum, & Presentation

Doctor of Philosophy in Corporate Leadership

Establishes the student with knowledge in creating innovative environments and instructs them in pursuing a leadership position in an entrepreneurial, marketplace, community, governmental, non-governmental, for-profit, or non-profit setting.

The Doctor’s Degree requires 60 credits and includes classes on:

The Doctor’s degree requires 60 credits and includes, but is not limited to, classes on:

1. Corporate Governance and Leadership
2. Leadership Psychology & Leadership Theories
3. Analytical Skills Development
4. Religious Sector Leadership and Governance
5. Statesmanship & Political Leadership
6. Advanced Political Science
7. Leadership Principles & Practices of Coporate Governance
8. History, Philosophy, & Paradigms of Leadership and Governance
9. Advanced Strategic Leadership, Management, and Governance
10. Statistical Research Design for Leadership
11. Organization/Non-profit Leadership
12. Organizational Strategies and Transformation
13. Trends in Organization Leadership and Research
14. Advanced Entrepreneurial Leadership & Planning
15. Individualized Studies
16. Doctoral Project & Dissertation