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Our Faculty

Meet our Highly Respected Faculty

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Faculty of the School of Theology

Dean of the School of Theology

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Faculty of the School of Divinity

Dean of the School of Divinity
- Rev. Dr. Edwin Masih

Faculty of Psychology/Counseling

Dean of Psychology/Counseling
- Rev. Dr. Jonathan DiStaulo

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Faculty of the School of Education

Deans of Education
- Dr. Mark Taylor
- Dr. Luana Cavallaro

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Faculty of Corporate Leadership

Dean of Corporate Leadership
- Rev. Dr. Carol Drake Wheatley

Faculty of Chaplaincy

Dean of Chaplaincy
- Rev. Dr. Carol Drake Wheatley

Faculty of International & Intercultural Studies

Dean of International & Intercultural Studies
- Rev. Dr. Michael F. Player

man-holding-and-reading-the-holy-christian-bible Manda University

Board of MGMA

The Board of Manda Global Ministerial Association
Chairman - Rev. Dr. Michael F. Player

Why Choose Us?

Why Manda University Is Right For You

Where Education honors God
Any good university can provide an adequate education that will give the student an accumulation of facts that can lead to a successful career. Manda University is one of few institutions of higher learning that will instill a sense of spiritual maturity that will enable each student to challenge each opportunity of learning to the praise and honor of God the Father.
Where Wisdom reigns above Knowledge
Manda University places high esteem on academic knowledge but we place the very highest esteem on wisdom. Knowledge is vital to creating a professional or ministerial vocation, but without wisdom, knowledge is useless because without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, there is no real foundation upon which a student can build a life.
Where Integrity is a Lifestyle
In today’s world, we see success story after success story end in failure. Why? Because a person’s success cannot rise above the level of their integrity. That is why we place such strong emphasis on keeping the students focused on the truth of the Word of God and to remember that their lives are literally books written for all to see.
Where Career Opportunities are Global
Because Manda University has students from countries around the globe, we are able to offer students ministry and career connections that will create opportunities to travel and employment in many areas of the world. Forming close bonds with faculty and students from other countries, with other perspectives, from other religions, will give students a broader understanding of why the Lord came to seek and save the lost.
Where Spirit meets World
A solid Biblical background prepares students to meet the many challenges that lie ahead no matter where in the world their careers take them. Learning to remain focused on the Lord Jesus Christ builds the character and strength needed to face social, corporate, professional and ministry issues that arise on a daily basis.
Right for You
If your goal is to obtain a powerful education, while remaining committed to building a powerful relationship with the Lord, then Manda University is the right place for you. Your faculty, leadership, and students share the same goal: first Christ, then success.