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MGMA ordains and commissions ministers, evangelists, and pastors to go worldwide in order to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God.


Manda Global Ministerial Association is an international ministerial association under the auspices of Manda University (MU).
Because MU is an online university with affiliate partners and ministries in many countries, we have a significant global impact. MGMA enables our affiliated ministers to remain in touch with the University, as well as with each other, wherever the Lord may send them. MGMA also provides a means of credentialing that precludes the need for multiple applications and memberships to provide ministerial validation.


Manda Global Ministerial Association offers three types of ordination.


Manda Global Ministerial Association is positioned to assist ministers from throughout the world who have opportunity to spread the gospel in countries other than their own. We have, therefore, created an exclusive “International Ordination Certificate” for qualifying ministers. This certification enables the traveling minister to demonstrate an affiliation with Manda University which serves as MGMA’s accredited oversight organization. The primary purpose of this unique “International Ordination” designation is to lift restrictions off ministers who may be hindered by their home-country ordination which may be through a small church or organization that is not recognized in other parts of the world. Manda Global enjoys a respected global reputation due, in part, to its covering of Manda University.

Requirements for Application

– Any individual who applies for ordination must have a minimum of one year of formal Bible training.

– If additional training is deemed necessary, the candidate will be required to take classes at Manda University.

 – Any candidate interested in becoming a minister must submit a completed application to the MU Board of Trustees.

– The Board of Trustees will review the application to determine if there is merit.

– The candidate will then be interviewed by the Board to determine if they wish to move forward with the application.

– If they choose to accept the application, the candidate’s name will be posted on MU’s website for comments from others who know the candidate to take these into consideration of the candidate’s fitness for ministry. All comments will be confidential and will not be accessible to the public.

– Background checks (criminal, social, educational) will also be conducted (fees to be paid by the candidate).

– When the candidate’s comments and background checks come back satisfactorily, the candidate will be called in for an interview (one or more) with the Board of Trustees.

– To protect the integrity of the MU ordination process, a candidate may only announce its acceptance after the formal announcement by the Board of Trustees.

– Upon approval of the candidate, an ordination ceremony will be held (method and time to be determined) to ordain the candidate and present the new minister with a Certificate of Ordination.

Qualification Process

Qualifying for International Ordination Certification through MGMA is a process that any individual desiring such designation must complete before being ordained through our organization.

Step - 1

The candidate must complete an application for ordination which creates a biographical background of personal, educational, professional, and ministerial experience.

Step - 2

The application will be reviewed by the Ordination Review Board and a determination will be made whether to proceed further with the candidate. At the sole discretion of the Board, the name of the candidate may be submitted to relevant persons to obtain additional information to help determine the candidate’s qualification status.

Step - 3

If the Ordination Review Board decides to proceed, the candidate will be required to appear before the Board (via Zoom) for an in-depth interview, answering any questions the Board may have, and also having an opportunity to have any questions answered by the Board.

Step - 4

If the Ordination Review Board accepts the candidate for ordination, a formal letter will be sent to the candidate, and a general announcement will be made to the members of Manda Global Ministerial Association of the acceptance of this new member.

MGMA Minister's Code of Ethics

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Fees & Terms

The International Ordination Certificate is reviewed every two years by the Ordination Review Board to ensure that the member is adhering to a lifestyle which reflects the Word of God, and who demonstrates ethics and integrity in all their dealings in which they represent Manda Global Ministerial Association. This will require at least 3 letters of reference from people who are familiar with the member’s life and ministry.
If improprieties are discovered, the Board has the right to suspend or revoke the member’s ordination and membership in Manda Global Ministerial Association. At the sole discretion of the Board, the member may be given a probationary period in which to cure or explain any unacceptable behaviors and may re-apply for ordination after the period has been satisfactorily completed.

Membership in Manda Global Ministerial Association is $350 (USD) per year. 
This nominal fee was set to ensure the candidates who make their living proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ can acquire their ordination credentials and global credentials at an affordable price.
The benefits of membership include:
Recognition of oversight by the accredited, globally respected Manda University.
• Access to specialized professional ministry training provided at no charge through MU.
• Subscription to the MGMA Chronicles, our quarterly online magazine.
Access to online support services to help each minister build its ministry.
Occasionally, a candidate may be awarded a scholarship to defray the cost of the ordination process. Scholarships are considered only on a case-by-case basis.

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We provide designations for not only Licensed Ordained Minister and Ordained Minister,
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