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Broaden your perspective of human behavior to build a career of providing counseling to those in need of wholeness.

The Mission of the Department of Psychology/Counseling

To equip counselors with the knowledge and skills necessary to make a positive impact.

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. . ." Romans 12:2

Manda University’s Department of Psychology/Counseling offers Associates, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.
In each program, the student will learn the appropriate knowledge and develop the skills to better understand human behavior and interactions.

You will be equipped with the necessary tools to recognize and evaluate psychological patterns of behavior.
Ultimately, your understanding of psychology will be implemented through practical faith-based principles that will help people to change their mindsets.

We believe that a person has the ability to be whole in heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Bachelor of Psychology/Counseling

Preparing students with the basic foundations in psychological, counseling, and integrational principles. Our holistic and faith-based approach to learning includes rigorous academics that will integrate and promote active learning.
The first 21 courses may also apply towards an Associates degree.

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The Bachelor’s degree requires 120 credits and includes classes on:

The Bachelor’s degree requires 120 credits and includes, but is not limited to, classes on:

1. Introduction to Psychology and Counseling
2. Classic Literature
3. English
4. Old Testament Survey
5. New Testament Survey
6. College Algebra
7. The Bible & Theology
8. Faith & Critical Thinking
9. Psychology and Christianity
10. English II
11. Communications & Public Speaking Fundamentals
12. Instructions for Online Learning
13. Human Anatomy & Physiology
14. Sociology
15. Christian Ethics
16. Counseling
17. Physical Sciences
18. Global World Cultures
19. Introduction to Probability and Statistics
20. Art Therapy & Music Therapy
21. Project
22. Introduction to Behavioral Statistics
23. Developmental Psychology
24. Demonology & Doctrine of Satan
25. Abnormal Psychology
26. General Biology
27. Social Psychology
28. Psychology and Society
29. Charting & Writing Assessments
30. Theories of Personality
31. Ethics & Professional Standards
32. Group Counseling Dynamics
33. Introduction to Family and Marriage Counseling
34. Divorce and Abuse Counseling
35. Addictions
36. Human Sexuality
37. Business
38. Interventions & Crisis Management
39. Introduction to Research Methods
40. Thesis, Project, & Presentation

Master of Psychology/Counseling

This degree program is an opportunity for students who display the wisdom, maturity and skills to begin pursuing a career in counseling. The program enables the student to understand and integrate modern psychological theory with a firm foundation built on Christian ethics.
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The Master’s Degree requires 45 credits and includes classes on:

The Master’s Degree requires 45 credits and includes, but is not limited to, classes on:

1. Foundations of Counseling
2. Mastering Pastoral Counseling
3. Advanced Biblical Counseling
4. Professional Ethics in Counseling
5. Human Growth and Development
6. Personality Theory and Development
7. Psychopathology
8. Counseling Theories and Practice
9. Family and Marriage Counseling
10. Biological Bases of Behavior
11. Group Counseling: Theory & Methodology
12. Substance Abuse and Addictive Disorders
13. Research Methods & Program Evaluation
14. Master’s Thesis, Project, & Presentation

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology/Counseling

This doctorate program is created to prepare the professional in how to fully evaluate and understand human behavior and its effect in every area of an individual’s life. Our biblical-based approach to psychology and counseling will instruct the student in positively transforming the lives of each of their future clients.

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The Doctorate degree requires 60 credits and includes classes on:

The Doctorate degree requires 60 credits and includes, but is not limited to, classes on:

1. Advanced Counseling Theories and Practice (Helping Relationships)
2. Advanced Topics in Emotional Development
3. Advanced Theories of Learning and Behavior
4. Advanced Family and Marriage Counseling
5. Advanced Abnormal Psychology
6. Counseling through Biblical Prayer
7. The Bible and Psychology
8. Biblical Interpretation and Counseling Methods
9. Addressing World Religions
10. Counseling Through Grace Not Law
11. Basic Legal Mandates in Counseling
12. Finances for Counseling
13. Advanced Methods in Research and Evaluation
14. Doctoral Practicum & Dissertation