Manda University

School of Theology

Providing students with a solid foundation and knowledge of Biblical doctrine.

The Mission of the School of Theology

To equip students with the knowledge of the Holy Scriptures and God’s relation to the people He created.

“And that from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.
All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work” 2 Timothy 3:15-17 (NKJV)
Manda University School of Theology will teach and equip students with a wide range of interrelated disciplines such as historical theology, exegetical theology, systematic theology, practical theology, and biblical theology. The students will be taught what the Holy Scriptures say about God’s Word, Theology is ultimately for the worship, honor, adoration, and consecration of God; as well as for dedication and devotion to Him. The theologians at Manda will engage and expound to students about God’s rational reasoning about Himself and the human effort to understand the God of the Holy Scriptures and its inner workings. Through our theology courses, we will thoroughly equip students for every good work of God.
Manda University has developed a high-caliber world academic curriculum that is highly respected throughout the world. Students will leave the university with a full practical and theological understanding of the Bible. Each course and book is designed to explain and explore the Word of God and to equip students to minister. Manda University offers students internationally accredited bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees online. We also offer courses online and at on-the-ground locations outside of the United States of America. Manda University School of Theology will prepare its students for both local and global ministries. Upon graduation, our students may choose to join our Global Ministers Association and receive their pastoral license and ordination and have access to all of our facilities around the world.

Bachelor of Theology

Prepares the student to understand broadly intertwined components of the Bible. Provides a solid foundation in the core tenets of Biblical studies, ministry, and theology, as well as an historical perspective to more accurately understand current worldviews.
The first 21 courses may also apply towards an Associates degree.

The Bachelor’s Degree requires 120 credits and includes classes on:

The Bachelor of Science degree requires 120 credits and includes, but is not limited to, classes on:

1. Introduction to Christian Theology
2. Classic Literature
3. English
4. Old Testament Survey
5. New Testament Survey
6. Business Mathematics
7. Doctrine of the Father
8. Doctrine of the Son
9. Doctrine of the Holy Spirit & Gifts from the Holy Spirit
10. Introduction to Psychology and Counseling
11. Doctrine of Man
12. Doctrine of Salvation
13. Sociology
14. Christian Ethics
15. Pastoral Theology
16. Counseling
17. Physical Sciences
18. Hermeneutics
19. Introduction to Probability and Statistics
20. Homiletics
21. Project
22. Church History
23. Doctrine of the Church & Ministry Positions
24. Demonology, Doctrine of Satan, & Doctrine of Angels
25. Doctrine of Prophecy
26. General Biology
27. Biochemistry
28. Leadership
29. Biblical Hebrew
30. Comparative Religion
31. Doctrine of the Trinity
32. Physics I
33. Evangelism
34. Biblical Greek
35. Ancient Israel History
36. Epistles of Paul
37. Physics II
38. Doctrine of the Bible
39. Jesus and the Gospels
40. Thesis, Project, & Presentation

Master of Theology

This advanced degree program gives the student an opportunity to prepare for specialized ministerial opportunities within the church. Students learn to refine their skills to prepare for a career in service to the Lord.

The Master’s Degree requires 45 credits and includes classes on:

The Master’s degree requires 45 credits and includes, but is not limited to, classes on:

1. Details of Biblical Prophecy
2. Biblical Covenant & Pentateuch
3. The Book of Hebrews
4. Eschatological Studies
5. Biblical Ethics
6. Advanced Counseling
7.  Leadership & Management
8. Financial Stewardship & Organization Administration
9. Homiletics
10. Advanced Hermeneutics
11. Christian Apologetics
12. Church History
13. Research Project
14. Master’s Practicum, Thesis, & Presentation

Doctor of Philosophy in Theology

This program is an advanced initiative with emphasis on theological and Biblical study. It offers the student a strong foundation in preparation to answer their own calling as a theologian, pastor, writer, teacher, etc. It also prepares the student for professional application in the field of research, investigation, and development of new knowledge (revelation) and professional practice.

The Doctorate Degree requires 60 credits and includes classes on:

The Doctorate degree requires 60 credits and includes, but is not limited to, classes on:

1. Advanced Pentateuch
2. Minor Prophets
3. Major Prophets
4. End Time Prophecy
5. Biblical Theology
6. Research in Eschatology
7. Distinction Between the Law and the Gospel
8. World Missions, Evangelism, & Discipleship
9. Advanced Homiletics
10. Advanced Leadership
11. Advanced Church History
12. History of the Church Reformation
13. Advanced Christian Apologetics
14. Christian Education
15. Doctoral Project & Dissertation