Manda University

Any individual who applies for ordination must have a minimum of one year of formal Bible training.
      ➢If additional training is deemed necessary, the candidate will be required to take classes at Manda University.

Any candidate interested in becoming a minister must submit a completed application to the MU Board of Trustees.
The Board of Trustees will review the application to determine if there is merit.

The candidate will then be interviewed by the Board to determine if they wish to move forward with the application.

If they choose to accept the application, the candidate’s name will be posted on MU’s website for comments from others who know the candidate to take these into consideration of the candidate’s fitness for ministry. All comments will be confidential and will not be accessible to the public.

Background checks (criminal, social, educational) will also be conducted (fees to be paid by the candidate).

When the candidate’s comments and background checks come back satisfactorily, the candidate will be called in for an interview (one or more) with the Board of Trustees.

To protect the integrity of the MU ordination process, a candidate may only announce its acceptance after the formal announcement by the Board of Trustees.

Upon approval of the candidate, an ordination ceremony will be held (method and time to be determined) to ordain the candidate and present the new minister with a Certificate of Ordination.