Manda University

Qualifying for an International Ordination Certification through Manda Global Ordination is a process that any individual desiring such designation must complete before being ordained through our organization.
Step 1 The candidate must complete an Application for Ordination which creates a biographical background of personal, educational, professional, and ministerial experience.

Step 2 The application will be reviewed by the Ordination Review Board and a determination will be made whether to proceed further with the candidate. At the sole discretion of the Board, the name of the candidate may be submitted to relevant persons to obtain additional information to help determine the candidate’s qualification status.

Step 3 If the Ordination Review Board decides to proceed, the candidate will be required to appear before the Board (via Zoom) for an in-depth interview, answering any questions the Board may have, and also having an opportunity to have any questions answered by the Board.

Step 4 If the Ordination Review Board accepts the candidate for ordination, a formal letter will be sent to the candidate, and a general announcement will be made to the members of Manda Global Ordination of the acceptance of this new member.